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At my private surgery I combine the latest treatment
methods from conventional medicine and naturopathy.

At my private surgery I combine the latest treatment methods from conventional medicine and naturopathy.

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“Dizziness – quick help if your head is spinning”

Broadcast on 18.10.2017

This takes you to the feature on therapy for dizziness at my surgery > Vertigo therapy

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URANIA Vortrag aus der Reihe “Bewusst Gesund”

Christin W. Engelbert, M.A. Facharzt für Allgemeinmediziner/Naturheilkunde
Dr. med. Kathrin Ernst, HNO

Präsentiert von der Berliner Morgenpost.


13.06.2018, 15.30 Uhr, URANIA Berlin

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HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

According to international studies novel neurofeedback vertigo training brings about a much improved posture and balance even in cases of diminished vestibular information.

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

From the three disciplines: ENT medicine, general medicine and neurocoaching we have created you an interdisciplinary, individual therapy concept. The concept is based on the latest scientific findings.

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

Sleep apnoea gives rise to multiple health problems. I can provide outpatient diagnoses which enable you to sleep in your customary environment at home.

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

Chronic infections of the upper respiratory tract and recurrent acute middle ear infections are treated, if justified by conventional medicine, by naturopathic and homoeopathic means.

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

In addition to immunotherapy and drug-based therapy, I treat allergies using regulatory therapy methods (bioresonance, homoeopathy).

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

In cases of chronic infections, especially chronic sinusitis (paranasal sinusitis) it is useful and helpful to treat the causes as well, in particular from areas such as allergies, intolerances, immune defence and bowel health.

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

The ear is our most sensitive sensory organ. It is closely linked to the way we think, feel and behave socially. Disorders affecting our hearing should therefore be detected and treated as soon as possible.

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg

Heart rate variability measurement measures neurovegetative regulation and thus provides key clues to the presence of chronic stress. The measurement is chiefly used in cases of chronic infection and tinnitus.

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