Tinnitus therapy

From the three disciplines: ENT medicine, general medicine and neurocoaching we have created you an interdisciplinary, individual tinnitus diagnosis and – therapy. Our Holistic Tinnitus Retraining HTR owes its conception to the latest scientific knowledge.

We treat your tinnitus and subsequent reactions at a physical and psychological level. Our auditory system is interconnected with other brain structures. These have far-reaching connections to our organs, muscles, joints, psyche and emotions. Holistic Tinnitus Retraining takes into account all these interconnections.

The objective is to distinctly improve your quality of life by relegating symptoms to the background and. at best, eliminating them.

HNO Arzt Berlin Charlottenburg


  • hearing and balance diagnosis
  • functional analysis of muscles and fasciae
  • stress endurance test
  • intestinal functional analysis, micronutrients
  • functional analysis of the vegetative nervous system
  • diagnosis of regulatory disorders (heavy metals, viruses, bacteria)


  • Holistic Tinnitus Retraining
  • neurocoaching, stress management
  • provision of equipment (hearing aid, masker)
  • manual therapy (mandibular joint, HWS)
  • electrical impulse therapy “physiokey”
  • regulatory medicine

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Tinnitus Retraining HTR

Understanding, treating and coping

Find out about the various approaches and options in tinnitus therapy. Get to know the causes and how to individually treat and eliminate them.
Gain insight into the latest science and research results and what they can tell us!

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  • development mechanisms
  • latest research results
  • diagnostic options
  • new therapy approaches
  • Holistic Tinnitus Retraining
  • development of tinnitus
  • networking phenomena in the brain
  • coping strategies – stress management
  • explanation of further therapy options
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