Dr. Kathrin Ernst treats the whole range of ear, nose and throat disease, especially vertigo, allergies, tinnitus, hearing disorders, paediatric ENT and chronic infections at her surgery for ENT medicine.

Diagnosis and therapy are based on the latest findings from conventional medicine in conjunction with modern naturopathy, homoeopathy and bioresonance therapy.


In addition to conventional medicine, in justifiable cases I can offer you diagnosis and therapy via bioresonance, homoeopathy and modern naturopathy.


Prof. Dr. med. Arneborg Ernst
Director of the ENT clinic of the Unfallkrankenhaus in Berlin
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For you to have a clear idea of precisely how much the treatment will cost, we discuss the specific therapy plan in advance and put you in the picture as to the costs.

If the scheduled therapy takes longer or changes, I will of course brief you on the costs to be expected. If you are uncertain or have questions in this regard, please contact me!


All medical services are invoiced in accordance with the scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ). We are unfortunately unable to invoice any services through the public health insurance schemes (GKV) as we operate solely as a private surgery.

An initial examination consisting of a consultation and a basic ENT examination costs about 70.– € for self-payers without private health insurance.

There are cases in which the health insurer does not reimburse medical services. Should you be in doubt, please consult your health insurer in advance. We cannot guarantee a refund.

Consultation HOURS

Monday 09.00-13.00 h 15.00-18.00 h
Tuesday 09.00-13.00 h
Wednesday 09.00-13.00 h
Thursday 09.00-13.00 h 15.00-18.00 h

Appointments after prior arrangement by phone, also outside our surgery hours: 030.310 138 40


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