Sense of smell

Smell disorder

There are people who cannot smell properly. They suffer from hyposmia – a decrease in the sense of smell, or anosmia – the absence, or loss of the sense of smell.

The sense of smell plays a greater role in our social life in particular than that which we generally assign to it. Olfactory impressions immediately trigger emotions in all of us. They are closely connected to our emotional center and play a major role in connection with our experience of taste.

A common symptom of corona infections is a disturbance of the sense of smell. However, completely different causes can also trigger an olfactory disorder.

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Sinunasal olfactory disorders include chronic sinusitis as well as allergies, a crooked nasal septum, irritations or hormone settings. A nonsinunasal olfactory disorder results from direct damage to the olfactory organ or pathway, such as trauma. Neurodegenerative, internal or psychological diseases can also lead to loss of the sense of smell. Therefore, this symptom should be taken seriously and clarified.


  • Smell test
  • Endoscopy of the nose


Regulative medicinal medicine.

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“Smell disorders – congenital or acquired”

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