Sleep apnoea

Restful sleep is a basic component for health and efficiency.

Patients who suffer from snoring at night, not only disrupt their partners’ sleep, but may also jeopardize their own health quite considerably. If snoring gives rise to frequent cessations of breathing (sleep apnoea syndrome) it can be very dangerous.

Patients with sleep apnoea syndrome less frequently reach the so-called phases of deep sleep and for a shorter time, and they often incur daytime fatigue and diminished efficiency.

The cardiovascular system reacts sensitively to night-time oxygen deficiency and the cessations of breathing thus entail an increased risk of stroke, heart attacks, high blood pressure, depressions and impotence.

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I provide outpatient diagnosis involving you taking home a small portable device with some sensors, thus letting you sleep in your customary environment.


Any possible therapy forms are then assessed and discussed at the surgery.

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